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  • my name is pola !
  • i love to draw, be silly and cosplay
  • i'm pretty shy but i love to make friends, so feel free to interact with me anytime
  • i'm not good with abouts
  • my memory is terrible so i forget things often

i never post (besides retweets) because i don't have much to say

apr 18 2017 ∞
may 22 2017 +

things I really love are:

  • MOTHER series (all of them!)
  • touhou project
  • jojo's bizarre adventure (especially vento aureo, jojolion and stone ocean)
  • hunter x hunter
  • mega man (classic, battle network, x)
  • kamen rider ( w , fourze, kuuga, ex-aid, gaim, ryuki, ooo, blade, drive, den-o...a lot)

I also love cosplaying! so I might post some of mine around con time

i'd add more but those are my overall favorites

apr 18 2017 ∞
oct 17 2017 +
apr 18 2017 ∞
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