• solar eclipse (11 August, 1999)
  • attacks on the World Trade Center (11 September, 2001)
  • the 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull (I caught the last flight back to Munich that evening)
  • I drove me car into mum's driveway after a holiday in France, she came out the front door and I asked if my dad was still alive - and she just shook her head (2010)
  • I had a little car accident on the A94, a road I never use but I got lost; pure coincidence: my dad saw me standing on the highway next to my totaled car on his way home from work (2011)
  • sitting in my car, crying like I had never cried before, after Frank had told me about his new girlfriend (2014)
  • witnessing my first earthquake in Tokio on my birthday (2016)
  • the shooting / terrorist attack in Munich's OEZ (2016)
  • Trump's victory (presidential elections 2016) / the first time the AFD party made it to Bundestag (2016)
  • when I drove a brand new Audi A8 with automatic gear-shift and suddenly I caused a hard stop without understanding what was going on; right on the highway, and suddenly there was another car next to me (2018)
  • Corona scare / lockdown (2020)
  • My mum's e-mail about her pancreatic cancer (Dec 2022) / seeing her in hospital, in so much pain that she basically wasn't even there anymore / witnessing her getting weaker and less conscious every day / sitting next to her dead body on the sofa, speaking to her even though nobody was in there anymore (Jan 2023)
  • Coming back to earth after an Ayahuasca ceremony in Pisac, Perú (Aug 2023)
  • The second line showing up after one minute on a pregnancy test (Dec 2023)
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