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  • Health: I'm motivated to care more about my diet again. Cook more, choose vegetables and fruit over fast food. Fasting. Losing weight. It's time. Go swimming, start forming a walking habit. Because it's fun. Because it's always good to get out. And I'd like to learn a few swing dance steps. Even though I suck at dancing.
  • Beauty: I want to dye the shit out of my current blonde ends. Then cut them off and go back to brunette. And I still kinda wanna try extensions...
  • Friendship: Make Doris my new best friend.
  • Love: I'm afraid it's exactly the same as last year: "Be more selective. Spend time with people I truly click with, who nourish and excite me. Ignore the rest." Ideally, I'd find a friend. A partner. I'd like to know what it feels to be in a relationship again. But it needs to be a good one, that's the catch.
  • Culture: Go to the theatre, to musicals, operas and readings more often. Read at least one book every month. Ideally two or more. Brush up my French!
  • Travel: as much as possible. So far we've got Helsinki(in the summer?), Vietnam (April, I suppose) and Côte d'Azur (August). Ideas: rent a car in Helsinki and drive to St. Petersburg for a day; Indonesia; Edinburgh; Mexico or another country in Latin America; Tel Aviv; Madeira.
  • Living situation: Find an apartment closer to my job. Oh, and get a cat, but I know it's not going to happen (is it?).
  • Creativity: Draw more. Create a website. Do little art projects, knit, glue, cut, whatsoever. And take classes. Goldsmithing, art history, Asian cooking, massage techniques, screen printing...
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