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  • Health: lose another 35kg, start counting calories again, join a gym, find a sport I like - perhaps badminton or boxing, 80/20 vegan; veganuary, daily routine
  • Beauty: build muscle (saggy skin, ugh)
  • Friendship: I'm kinda disappointed in people; get to know somebody new? / be more open and friendly?
  • Love: only let the good ones in / more proactive?
  • Culture: university!
  • Travel: Canada, Georgia, visit a new continent (Africa or South America)
  • Living situation: not gonna happen.
  • Work: apply for gap year and exchange programme
  • Creativity: drawing, website, woodworking, clay
  • Fun: diving, sailing, climbing a mountain // set personal goals that are actually quite challenging and unpleasant for me
  • cluster: eat plant-based, ayurveda, swim, travel the world, learn new things, silence, be kind, create
dec 6 2018 ∞
dec 21 2018 +