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  • 7/8 February, 2019 // the big red fluffy one is back outside, hanging out near my house
  • 21 December, 2018 // I scared an anonymous cat crossing the street when I left for work in the early morning. Last school day of the year.
  • 7 December, 2018 // I was a fluffy little red cat's human of choice. We sat in a cat cafĂ©, no animals in sight. After a while a cat walked up straight towards me, sat down on my yellow scarf and kneaded it. Later she demanded attention and purred while I scratched her jaw. Apparently this was quite a rare occurence because she is said to be really shy and hard to handle. Weirdos unite!
  • 6 December, 2018 // Sir Fluffy contemplated climbing a tree outside my kitchen window
  • 1 December, 2018 // caught the fluffy neighbourhood friend while talking to Sven; my jacket smelled disgusting after hugging and petting him
  • 28 October, 2018 // Gatuso! Erika's very fluffy cat in Edinburgh.
  • 14 October, 2018 // I went for a sunset walk through the forest with Bibi and when we walked back home over the fields I picked up a big, chatty black and white cat who was looking for mice
  • 12 October, 2018 // I was cycling home from work when a fluffy, grey and white persian cat crossed the street with a dead mouse in her mouth // saw her again on Oct 16, trying to get into a garage // and Nov 7, sitting behind a parked car
  • 6 October, 2018 // a huge, fluffy, red and white tomcat running along a fence, keeping up with a little girl on the other side
  • 21 September, 2018 // there was a cat downstairs in the subway station who jumped up a little bit when I crouched down to pet her
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