I do not own CDs or DVDs anymore (this is a conscious decision, please respect that) and I'm usually not interested in reading uninteresting books just because they were a gift. Maybe even worse is the accumulation of random stuff. So here are some things you can never go wrong with:

  • Experiences: a little journey together, going to a concert, having dinner, driving to a lake, attending a class together (...)
  • Potted plants (preferably leafy green plants or succulents), vegetable plants, seeds, herbs, terracotta pots or other nice handcrafted flower pots
  • High quality brushes, paint, paper, pencils etc., stationery, tools for printing, fabric dye, pottery glaze or engobe, clay
  • A personal mixtape (you can send it online/via USB or I'll just import the tracks from your CD to my computer)
  • Natural skincare (I like Weleda - wildrose is my favourite -, Kiehl's, Hauschka etc.)
  • Homemade jam, truffles, herbs and spices (!), sweet treats
  • My favourite perfume: Lacoste pour Femme (it's the yellowish/vanilla coloured one)
  • A nice LP (if you know which artists I like)
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