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  • celebrating christmas the way people do in those heartwarming - yet - terribly - cliche films : knitted sweaters , snow , christmas carols , authentic christmas tree , a fireplace , stockings over the fireplace , candles , the entire family ... you get my idea .
  • being recognized for my pictures while i`m still in high school ( basically because i`d be printing prints of the photos i had taken and sell them and donate the money to charity )
  • meeting hanson and recording a song with them
  • taking a boy i like to my prom , then being asked to his because that`s what he wants ( and he`s not just being polite )
  • getting into a good college and watching all of my dreams unfold before me
  • living in a tiny , clean apartment for some time after i graduate where i could look out at the lovely street below my when it rains . my everything would be clean , and when you`d get the feel of being in a place that was caught between vintage and modern .
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