a cool guy. directly / indirectly responsible for the yoshi tax fraud meme and other minor beat to death jokes. 18.

big list incoming... i like wander over yonder, eddsworld, megaman (largely just classic), popee the performer, spongebob, nintendo, pac-man, vinesauce, oso, the amazing world of gumball, r&s, gumby, & other things don’t care to mention

other interests that aren’t specific to series’ are FUNNY JOKES PIX & VIDS, cartoons, bugs, sea life, h2o, desert / tropical nature, strange objects like weird toys or bootlegs, weird games, and sciences, particularly technological.

unoriginal twitter argument lovers are lame, gay (not in a good way) and not welcome

mar 20 2018 ∞
may 2 2019 +