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only steers and queers come from texas and I look like a bit of both hi how you doin'

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regarding my art:

  • don't tag it as kin/id/kin tags, please
  • don't repost/redistribute/edit/trace/reference/etc my shit without my explicit permission; this goes without saying. if you'd like to use it, ask.
  • no qrts on twitter please!

thank you!

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regarding me:

  • I'm an adult. My content is not intended for minors. Most of my accounts will be marked as 18+. You interact with me and any content I share at your own discretion, acknowledging the warnings in place and respecting them.
    • I'm not particularly comfortable interacting extensively with minors (especially those under 16), regardless, sorry.
  • If something I enjoy bothers you, feel free to unfollow/mute/whatever; I try to tag for organization anyway, and I can try to tag for something else if you ask me to.
    • Fandom discourse is a special kind of hell. I may spectate and privately commentate but leave me the fuck out of it. I'm not an anti or an anti-anti or a pro-ship or whatever the fuck. I'm an adult who pays rent.
    • I always prefer a DM over a public flogging, 10 out of 10 times, so you're free to shoot me one if something rubs you the wrong way (even if we end up just agreeing to break mutuals or block each other) or if you want me to try and clear something up. Also feel free to DM me if I follow somebody abhorrent (i.e. racist or predatory) or if I put my foot in my mouth.
  • Feel free to NOT interact with me if:
    • You produce smut of minors (even if they're fictional).
    • You're a "MAP"/"no-MAP"/whatever stupid fucking sugarcoat pedophiles are using this week. On-sight block. Choke. Stay away from me. Don't argue this with me.
    • You are right wing or right wing sympathetic; this includes labels like conservative, republican, classical liberal, fascist, neo-Nazi/nazbol, nationalist, ancap, whatever stupid fucking sugarcoat you wanna use. You implicitly hate me by subscribing to these ideologies, and, once more, choke.
    • You are LGBTphobic of any flavour (yes, TERFs, this means you), racist, anti-Semitic, a white supremacist. I hate you, I really do.
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