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she was hollow with what had been fear but what was now just an emptiness

  • explore the graveyards around my town, esp. the one by my house with all the stairs
  • tackle the corn maze in october
  • search for sea glass at one of the more ratty beaches nearby
  • thrifting!!!! (forget me not, savers, salvation army even)
  • organize/redecorate my room
  • revamp my wardrobe (donate clothes i no longer want, cut up big shirts, go 70's & 80's hunting in the attic)
  • spend an afternoon at the library
  • finish the fucking great gatsby
  • sit on my roof outside my window
  • walk around downtown more
  • go antiquing across from the school
  • sit in the coffee shop sipping at tea and looking profound
  • make progress on my collage journal
  • take up film photography and take eerie (and some narcissistic) photos
  • bake more, especially because fall and winter spices ahhh
sep 7 2012 ∞
sep 7 2012 +