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where will i go when the only home i've known is ashes now? how will i know when the only love i'm shown is so changeable? how do i grow when i've been alive for the best part of my life feeling alone?

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hi, i'm dana!

  • she/her
  • sapphic
  • living in germany
  • 20 years old, born april 9th
  • aries sun, taurus moon, cancer rising
  • infp, chaotic good, melancholic, enneagram type two
  • i have a calico cat named sansa and a black cat named arya!
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sep 2 2017 ∞
jan 1 2018 +

here are some of my interests + my favorite characters or people!


  • overwatch
    • widowmaker ♡
    • sombra
  • life is strange
    • chloe price ♡
    • rachel amber ♡
  • nier: automata
  • animal crossing
  • tomb raider


  • game of thrones
    • daenerys targaryen ♡
    • sansa stark
    • arya stark
sep 2 2017 ∞
jan 1 2018 +
  • i like meeting new people and making new friends but sometimes i have trouble keeping up with conversations, especially private ones. so i prefer it much more if we talk through replies!
  • i really dislike it when people trash talk my interests so if ur one of those people who have nothing better to do than spreading negativity abt the things they hate (and call it "critcism" even though that's not what it is) instead of talking abt the things they love, then please don't follow me. it's okay to dislike something and openly talk abt it, it just gets ugly when u insult other people for liking it.
  • i also dislike confrontation and i will avoid it as best as i can. so basically if u have a problem with me or with what i possibly said and u can't tell me ur opinion in a nice and respectful manner, then...
sep 2 2017 ∞
jan 1 2018 +