• ass-grabbing--always. I might deny it, but I sort of miss having to protect my posterior every time I walk into Rm 310.
  • attempting to write "happy birthday, Krittika" in Tamil and having it end up looking like "asdfhdsjf bitch"
  • Gay-bar song/Baby by JBiebz--God, she'll never stop singing them. And they'll never get out of my head.
  • NO FEET ON THE BED--How I wish I had broken that rule before she left for the summer.
  • incessant IMing
  • Indian accents/bonding/impromptu Diwali parties
  • helping her with relationship problems in the stairwell
  • lounge study parties--I broke her computer trying to put up a curtain. Whoops.
  • sexual innuendo to the max, oh baby oh baby
  • LAGAAN--Aamir Khan? I think yes.
  • Movies based on Greek myth (Percy Jackson, Clash of the Titans)--Fun times: being obnoxious in the theater, ftw!
  • Hrithik Roshan/Aamir Khan fangirling
  • musky floral perfume
  • hugs
  • Bio 111 study parties with Lena
  • Hickeys
  • “OMG I’M GONNA FAIL!!!” *gets test back* “I got a 93!”
  • intro to listening quizzing
  • world cup 2010_


  • ENG 209 funtimes--not ever reading anything, or reading it late at night. cramming for that midterm we thought we failed and ended up getting A-'s on. making fun of sharmeeka's complete idiocies. writing bs papers the morning they were due and still getting better grades than half the class. you know how we do.
  • hugs (they are in my top 10)
  • fake out make outs
  • copious amounts of CAFFEIIINEEE--Monster, anyone? (IT SMOKES WHEN YOU OPEN IT. SMOKES, I SAY.)
  • Anderson Cooper--"I LOVE him!", hooking up with Tim Gunn? I think yes.
  • COTC/Hardee's Trips
  • Pizza + Mean Girls with Austen
  • Being sick at the same times
  • Extremely opinionated breakfasts. And lunches. And dinners. But mostly breakfasts.--also waking her up every morning for breakfast. Nom nom? No.
  • sucking big, black, detachable dicks
  • GLEEEEEE-fangirling over Kurt, laughing at
  • AA Scrapbag--that hot pink lace thing that looked like underwear? Yes.
  • "Do you love me? Are you playing your love games...with me?"--Love The Mighty Boosh, and all the other awesome stuff she recommended to me
  • the anorexic unicorn farting rainbows while shooting lasers out of its eyes and the gerbil with einstein hair and red eyes shooting a laser gun at the bird Carolyn drew.


  • How to Train Your Dragon--night before chem exam, made me feel so much better about life. :)
  • Percy Jackson with Krittika-being ridiculously obnoxious in the theater, sprawled out over the seats, making jokes and generally having a great time.
  • Clash of the Titans
  • Addiction to coke
  • 2 AM Calculus homework parties
  • MasteringPhysics funtimes
  • India and Pakistan--making fun of John Abraham in Water, TAGORE IS ANTI-FEMINIST. NO HE ISN'T., passing notes in the front row while Dr. Metraux watched and not feeling guilty, ranting about how he got everything ALL WRONG OMG, ranting about the idiots in the class, being the only two people to present on totally badass scientists, not being able to say subrahmanyan chandrasekhar, the horror that was monsoon wedding, trying not to fall asleep in that god awful three hour long class
  • That epic drawing of Z-Spice on her whiteboard that KRITTIKA RUINED WITH ANATOMICALLY INACCURATE DICKS, WTF KRITTIKA. Also the magical drawing of horses and rainbows that Krittika also ruined with pointy dicks.
  • "I'm being butt-raped by the pitchfork of science!"
  • fittin’ in the dryer like a boss
  • sitting in Cranberries, discussing life plans/goals, etc.--now I know what an astrobiologist is! and terraforming! also, that hot chocolate was delish.
  • cookie pr0nz-And her brilliant writing, in general. I'm glad I got to read it.
  • grading those fail lab reports-"I think the crickets were tired...perhaps the temps were not right?" God. Dumbass people.
  • X-Files with Krittika
  • dragging her downtown to get pizza/my hair cut/coke/whatever else--She was probably the only person around; this may have been how we became friends. I honestly can't remember :P
  • almost all conversations starting out normally, then degenerating into some science/innuendo-related bizarreness
  • Gliding Leviathon, or whatever it was called.--Most epic physics lab, ever.
  • Stockholm Syndrome song
  • Lemon detergent
  • EDWARD.--Stealing him and scaring freshmen/PEG staff with it. Fun times, I tell you.
  • hugs
  • the anorexic unicorn farting rainbows while shooting lasers out of its eyes and the gerbil with einstein hair and red eyes shooting a laser gun at the bird Carolyn drew.
  • world cup 2010


  • Nighttime sketching
  • All-nighters--It was kind of fun, watching the sun rise.
  • Stealing Carolyn's Edward cutout
  • "Sometimes, I think we're too plugged in."
  • Making fun of people.
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Honey got a booty like POW POW POW
  • world cup 2010
  • general insanity
  • hipsterdom


  • Tokio Hotel TV--I will never let her forget how eagerly she waited for each episode every Wednesday night.
  • The NPR we never got around to listening to--The first time we hung out, we were supposed to listen to Car Talk. But she slept through it. Whoops.
  • Kate the RA thinking we were a lesbian couple.--And that God-awful picture Michelle took.
  • All of that friggin' PERFUME


  • Kaminey-Shahid Kapoor fangirling--Left handed air-guitar, attractive facial hair, hot body? 'Nuff said.
  • The spoon of bisexuality
  • Iron Man virginity
  • eating cake at Mugshots
  • her throwing random small items into Krittika's cleavage


  • Tumblr
  • frolicking in Gypsy Hill Park and taking ~indie~ pictures
  • Horramusment
may 18 2010 ∞
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