a dictionary of my new year's resolutions

  • A
    • ALWAYS have control over how you react to things. Do not do something you know you would regret. Don't decide when mad. Isolate yourself when mad. Only talk to the world again when you have calmed down and have thought things through.
  • B
    • Be brave. I shall open myself a lil more to the world and the wonders of it ! Defense mechanism who ?
  • C
    • Clumsy days are over! Here's to making more CALCULATED decisions to lessen the risk of LOSING so much (like your phone/wallet). Micka is entitled to only ONE free pass this year of losing her waller/jug; her phone is not debatable... it is bound for immortality. Always be mindful and aware wherever u go bitch !
  • D
    • Drop meaningless celebrations. Only go out when needed and when it is worth exhausting your energy for. Is it really THAT important to dance the night away this Thursday ? You have so much on your plate. Take breaks and escape from time to time but know when to say no.
  • E
    • Exercise more CAUTION when making purchases. Happier wallet=happier life. Put an end to your impulsiveness.. IT IS NOT GOOD! Stop making self-care as an excuse... because these are just mere rewards that must not turn into a habit ! SAVE SAVE SAVE ! You'll thank yourself later. The number of times you have murdered your coin bank to buy milk tea should be repaid. Stop putting yourself in situations of desperation ! You have done enough surviving !
  • F
    • Future. Drink more water for your future !! Take care of your body... your kidneys costs so much bitch.
  • G
    • God, always. Visit the chapel often. Pray often.
  • H
    • Have some pride-- but not too much of it. Humble yourself. Don't cloud yourself enough to overlook how you can improve. You're not "there" yet, you're just getting there. Be aware of your flaws and mistakes, and take it upon yourself to accept them-- and be better.
  • I
    • Invest. Invest. Invest. These do not necessarily mean monetary investments ya kno. Read more books, go for a walk, or even exercise ! Feed the mind and soul! Heart can come last.
  • J
    • Just do it. Stop putting things off and making your future self deal with it. Don't be a selfish version of your present. You have a long list of things to do? Then conquer that damn list. Stop waiting til the last minute to rush and exhaust your brain cells. Slow and steady wins the race.
  • K
    • Kindness, always. ALWAYS !!! U don't know half the shit people go through so don't give them a harder time. Lessen your need to argue. Know when to be competitive aka not all the time! Think before you speak, and fight only when it is worth it.
  • L
    • Look into things thoroughly first before having an opinion. Engage with the aim of learning more. If you do not know enough, then simply don't have an opinion ! Basic maths
  • R
    • Retweet: "i think making sense is optional sometimes i just be talkin"--- and this b okay :)
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