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My name is Lindsey. I like to write about old movies. I use Listography to keep track of the films that I watch, keep inventory of my DVD and vintage publication collections and track progress on projects I'm working on for my blog.

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TELEVISION (These will not be all reviewed for TMP, but I'd still like to track them down and watch them.)

  • The Jack Benny Program
  • The Loretta Young Show
  • The Ford Television Theatre
  • The Christophers
  • Alcoa Theatre
  • Goodyear Theatre
  • Zane Grey Theater
  • The Barbara Stanwyck Show
  • G.E. True Theater
  • The Joey Bishop Show
  • Rawhide
  • The Dick Powell Theatre
  • Wagon Train
  • The Untouchables
  • Calhoun: County Agent
  • The Big Valley
  • The House that Would Not Die
  • A Taste of Evil
  • Film Night
  • The Letters
  • Charlie's Angels
  • The Thorn Birds
  • Dynasty
  • The Colbys
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