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My username "Nostalgeist" is a mashup on the words Nostalgia and Poltergeist. I go by the pen name Reiven with a play on Raven and Rei (Spirit or Zero). You can call me Rei for short. As you can see, I love cute and spooky things. I'm a hobby artist who collects figures and apparently cute boys in apps?


=Art Trades=

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=Waiting On=

  • Katloid (PAID) Fullbody ($40)
  • Deadghouls (Paid) ($20)
  • ユルコ (Paid) ($57.41)
  • 何というか (Paid) ($47.54)
  • d185w (Paid) ($75.95)
sep 24 2017 ∞
oct 25 2020 +