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i discovered this site and it's simple and easy so :)) incomplete lists because i add stuff from time to time. i made this for fun hahaha

  • i am a minor
  • libra sun, capricorn moon, virgo rising
  • mbti tests said i'm; infp, intp, intj, istj, istp
  • they couldn't decide so i'd just say i have none
  • my pronouns are she/they
  • you can call me whatever you want (except if you mean harm)
  • i sometimes go by rie on twitter
  • my mammalian body consists of 60% fluids and 40% thoughts that swim on them
  • i genuinely think i've done enough introspection to make up for a whole lifetime but now i can't stop and i am slowly spiraling out of control
  • i disappear from time to time because (looks at smudged writing at hand) menthol eel knees?
  • please don't talk about me behind my back, just say it
  • i am more closed off than outspoken
  • I sometimes overshare about the things i enjoy
  • i feel like this list is going to become an outlet for me so please pay no mind to anything further down this point lol
oct 28 2020 ∞
nov 22 2020 +