You a vocaloid producer/utaite/person in the voice synthesizer community in general(utau,cevio,synth v,etc.)?

You need an artist?

I'll be willing to do art for you if you need it! Feel free to hmu on twitter,tumblr,or discord(twitter and discord are fastest)

☆Quick things to note☆

  • I'm not a fast artist,so I can't guarantee I'll make a deadline if there is one,but I'll try my best to,so please be patient with me
  • If I do make art for you,please credit me(you can just link my twitter or youtube or something)
  • I can make PVs(albeit, very simple ones),so if you want one, DM me and we'll discuss it
  • Don't be an asshole. Just don't,because then I won't do it

Hope you have a good day/night/whatever!

feb 3 2018 ∞
feb 15 2019 +