• i tweet about a wide variety of bullshit (see lists of interests) as well as my personal life
  • i'm not an active rpfer/rpser anymore but it does come up every once in a while
  • i also will post poetry and various other writing snippets at random intervals
  • i am very bad at opening up to people at first on my own. but if you initiate interaction with me a few times eventually i'll feel comfortable enough to reciprocate
    • if you just want to like each others tweets and never talk that is cool too i really do not mind
  • sometimes i will be a little hateful


  • you qrt a lot of other people's drama / arguing / fanwars
  • you're a btspopper / hybe stan???
    • i don't think any could find this account though. if you did how are you here
  • you only like / ult 4th gen bgs
    • both of our lives will be improved if we never interact
  • you stan nct 127 / wayv
    • i only really care about dream + a handful of other members sorry
  • you're under 16

other than that:

  • reqs are okay
    • besides the above dnf i am not really picky about who is on here
    • if you pass whatever arbitrary vibe check i run on your profile then i'll probably let you in
  • sometimes i'm slow to accept reqs bc my twitter app hates me.
  • sb-ing is fine at all times! if you want to tell me why you can but idrc either way
may 10 2021 ∞
sep 4 2022 +