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My fanfic library.
I read mostly seho, but I'll include fics from other ships as well.

Definitely every story you can find here is worth your time ♡

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  • Of All the Colors in the Rain by etonnant67 ♡ explicit 66k words; 80s/90s themed; time loop; angst; brings up heavy topics
  • the boy with the cold hard cash (Is Always Mister Right) by London9Calling ♡ explicit 31k words; sugar daddy au; junmyeon is sehun's sugar baby (12 years older than him); light angst; suppressing feelings but catching them anyway; i love this fic
  • Forming Families (burning bridges) by suhossineun ♡ ga 29k words; father!sehun & kid!junmyeon but NO INCEST; extremely cute, domestic, makes you warm inside
  • conversations in sunflowers, irises, and roses by okamiwind ♡ explicit 39.7k words; magical realism; painter!junmyeon; pure love and affection; the most beautifully written fic i've ever read
  • and the rest is rust and stardust by curledupkitten ♡ explicit 16.2k words; age gap (over 10 years); slow burn; sehun is a foster child; very emotional, at least to my sensitive ass
  • dancing in my storm (says it was poison) by okamiwind ♡ explicit 8.1k words; college au; self-acceptance; junmyeon is insecure & wounded but sehun is there for him
  • Dirty Little Secret by purplemonster ♡ explicit 12.1k words; stubborn junmyeon rejecting sehun; mutual pining; it's all about yearning; i wanted to smack junmyeon so bad for being a dick in denial
  • I love you, want you, need you by sehosharkkie ♡ explicit 20.3k words; abo au; junmyeon!sugar baby & sehun!sugar daddy; mpreg with fluff and smut
  • I'll break the rules for you. (Heartbreaker) by miyabimai ♡ teen and up 18.7k words; sehun is scared of commitment; patient & caring junmyeon is there for him; fluff
  • sticks crossed by okamiwind ♡ explicit 12.3k words; hockey au; junmyeon being sehun's comfort
  • bang bang kiss kiss by okamiwind ♡ explicit 7.6k words; seho on vacation; lots of fluff and love; seriously i was melting reading it
  • carry your ocean with me by mihaeng ♡ ga 41.9k words; age gap; summer vibes; lots of fluff & slow burn
  • Don't play (board) games with me by Changdeol ♡ mature 18.8k words; college au; sekai -> seho; mutual pining; no infidelity, just a very healthy breakup
  • the option of me by okamiwind ♡ explicit 9.8k words; immortality; fluff & deep conversations; honestly read it not gonna spoil anything it's too good
  • Melting Point by Frostly ♡ explicit 17.3k words; college au; junmyeon & jongin are brothers; lots of pining; fluff, light angst & some jealousy
  • i drown in you by sleepy_orange ♡ ga 1.3k words; seho loving water; short and funny
  • Stumble, Stumble (Fall in Love) by Stina 0098 ♡ ga 6.5k words; sehun as a bratty idol; the cutest farmer junmyeon; lots of humor & fluff
  • Finders Keepers by SuperBlondie ♡ ga 3.3k words; soulmates au; jun is the cutest kid; mr.snuffles stealing the spotlight
  • bunny's cake by sasshee ♡ ga 1.7k words; bunny hybrid junmyeon; super fluffy
  • Plagued & Pure by zeraiya ♡ NC-17&R 16.7k words; vampire au; explicit sexual content, blood drinking & some gore
  • Popcorn by zeraiya ♡ PG 667 words; very short vampire au drabble; domestic & fluffy
  • Euphoria by zeraiya ♡ NC-17 5.5k words; vampire au; smut, smut & even more smut
  • Black Silk by zeraiya ♡ PG-13 872 words; vampire au drabble
  • Play Dumb by Wildjinx ♡ teen and up 2.6k words; high school au; tutor!junmyeon; sehun basically plays dumb to get into junmyeon's pants
  • Tangled In Whiteexplicit 3.8k words; very smutty but with some plot
  • Petals Under Our Skin by Chogisad ♡ ga 2.8k words; hanahaki disease; consider it a non-happy ending fic
  • ice cream by winterheats ♡ explicit 1.1k words; extremely funny smut
  • You've Made Your Bed (So Sleep In It) by Semper_Sehun ♡ explicit 4k words; canon (exo ladder); junmyeon whipped for sehun; mostly smut
  • Winning You Over by Semper_Sehun ♡ explicit 7.4k words; pornstar au award show; humour; mostly smut
  • The Other Kind Of Bedtime Story by Semper_Sehun ♡ explicit 3.4k words; cute minseok!kid; seho doing business in the living room; smut
  • Frustrate me (Or Maybe Date Me) by Semper_Sehun ♡ explicit 6.8k words; demon au; smut; plot twist of the century
  • U.N.I (You and I) by Semper_Sehun ♡ explicit 3k words; rebellious sehun & tutor junmyeon; smut
  • don't you think that is boring how people talk by orphan_account ♡ teen and up 4.5k words; no romance; lawyers au; what would junmyeon do without oh sehun?
  • waiting for it (that green light) by schmetterlinq ♡ explicit 6.9k words; college au; pining; misunderstanding; i need junmyeon as my star wars friend
  • Sugar Crush by taepani ♡ teen and up 10.4k words; age gap; junmyeon being extremely whipped for sehun; humour
  • Of Angels, Voices and Meaningless Numbers by miyabimai ♡ teen and up 5.7k words; asehun is in the last year of high school and junmyeon is in his 20s; age gap struggles; softness & light angst
  • young, hung, with no refractory period by 10tacles ♡ explicit 3.6k words; junmyeon is in his 40s and sehun 21; pure smut; might be uncomfortable for some
  • what u do? by winterheats ♡ explicit 2.2k words; teacher!junmyeon; domestic fluff & humour
  • Unexpected LandmarkPG 4.6k words; fluff; junmyeon as a landmark photographer; sehun as his favourite landmark
  • All I Want Is Youga 987 words; implication of mental illness; sehun!student & junmyeon!lawyer
  • lover wanted by steponherneck ♡ NC-17 1.1k words; office smut
  • sketch(y) by curledupkitten ♡ NC-17 7.6k words; 13 years age gap; sehun!art student & junmyeon!gallery owner; smut
  • Leaving on a Jet Plane by London9Calling ♡ explicit 7.1k words; magical realism; sehun loves airplanes; hook up during vacation; humour; smut
  • Sweet Lies by purplemonster ♡ mature 3.8k words; mafia au; a bit of violence; kidnapping
  • I. Do. Not. Love. Kim. Junmyeon.(pause for dramatic effect) by London9Calling ♡ explicit 12.8k words; canon (mostly exo ladder); mutual pining; sehun being a stubborn bub; smut
  • Marseille by highqualityidiot ♡ teen and up 3.1k words; pathcode au
  • bitter, empty taste of whiteR 8.6k words; junmyeon!therapist; sehun is addicted to sex; age gap; smut
  • as the smoke clears (watch as ashes fade away) by swabluu ♡ PG-15 9.4k words; mentions of blood & murder; new beginnings; road to acceptance
  • Unsteady by pisceskpopfics ♡ teen and up 6.2k words; angst; suicide attempt; mentions of depression
  • Move alongPG 4.1k words; humour; sehun getting dragged to a star wars convention; junmyeon the cutest stormtrooper
  • Head to the moon by sehosharkkie ♡ explicit 10.3k words; abo au; arranged marriage; jun is a dick but comes to his senses
  • Oh, You're So Disarming, Darling by oneforyourfire ♡ explicit 8.1k words; fluff & smut; strangers to lovers; junmyeon pocket-sized hyung
  • You are my C6H12O6PG-13&R 14.6k words; models au; mentions of drugs; learning to forget and forgive
  • one hundred times we've met by okamiwind ♡ explicit 4.2k words; reincarnation; destined lovers myth
  • Housekeeping Secrets by j_cottonbunny ♡ mature 9.7k words; junmyeon!CEO; light angst, fluff & some smut
  • i'm made in you by sleepy_orange ♡ explicit 7k words; canon au; lots of misunderstandings; stubborn jun; breaking up & making up
  • Flower Boy by ariverwillflow ♡ ga 1.1k words; florist!sehun; fluff
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