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me? i've never articulated anything. i'm completely incoherent.

ria follows:
  • homestuck at spacecamp
    • a homestuck reread podcast. my friend chloe and i met through the homestuck tumblr fandom in 2010 and we're gonna reread this thing in 2018. sorta kinda a bookclub, sorta kinda an excuse to reread homestuck.
  • have fun, it's just a game
    • a video game podcast about video games. created as a response to the current pessimistic tone of video game journalism, the four of us spend an hour each week talking about the latest in video game news and whatever else we feel like.
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sep 14 2018 +
  • ever suffering art history student
  • writes stuff sometimes
  • makes art sometimes too
  • does people favors and builds their sets for them
  • jrpg enthusiast
  • pop punk historian
  • aggressively jersey
  • passionate about taco bell
  • chaotic neutral, cancer, enfp, etc
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  • medium
    • i pretend to be a big deal writer
  • twitter
    • hear me complain about school, video games, and being gay
  • instagram
    • where i pretend to have my shit together
  • tumblr
    • unorganized fandom hellscape
  • ko-fi
    • if you like my work, consider tossing me a couple of dollars to help me keep making stuff
  • psn: riatee
  • gamertag: riatee
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dec 27 2017 +
  • sephiroth & me
    • an essay about the jewishness of final fantasy vii and how sephiroth helped me through a religious identity crisis. featured in deorbital.
  • coming home to super mario sunshine
    • a personal essay reflecting upon super mario sunshine, divorce, and the exxon oil spill. featured in superjump.
  • a year without carrie
    • an essay on carrie fisher's legacy as a rebel, mental health advocate, and personal hero to so many of us a year after her passing.
  • ria tee's top 5 games in 2017
    • an essay about survival, love, hope, oh and reviews of some games too
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