• i like nsfw content and im aware that twt will like.. show other ppl what uve liked. unfortunately. i rarely rt nsfw though, but i think this is somehting to keep in mind!
  • i will rt gore occasionally
  • i try my best not to post spoilers but i will post some BNHA mangacaps! not like whole pages but small panels that i like lol so i make sure not to post any real spoilers
  • i am,, a kpoppie. army only atm. i rarely post abt them but i do have a bts acc @ honeyedhobi
  • i try to keep all my livetweets in one thread so it doesnt spam tl's, tho i mess up sometimes y_y

i hope u enjoy ur stay ^o^)b ☆

apr 30 2017 ∞
may 31 2019 +