• mutual appreciation poster
  • 501 shrink to fit legs
  • a map of china from a national geographic
  • boys noize disco skull poster from studio b 2007
  • two mediocre pictures of trees
  • say hi to your mom impeccable blahs poster from 2006
  • whiteboard circle with a velcro back, band names written all over it
  • a completed puzzle of a gorilla and a t rex, drunkenly signed by the three friends who assembled it (sam riley, matt brodsky, and...someone else?)
  • old con ed bills that are super redundant because i pay online
  • overweight bag receipt from jet blue
  • broken pot from my first bushwick apartment, bought at a dollar store
  • dvd sleeve for the wii netflix disk
  • broken cassette player
oct 26 2011 ∞
oct 26 2011 +