• put my contacts in at eight am on saturday so i can go to my eye exam at ten thirty
  • give away shitty clothes
  • make appointments for the doctor, the dentist, the cavity-filler dude, and a therapist maybe
  • get a d-sub cable thing for my macbook to connect to that monitor shizz
  • get rid of the boxsprings or try them out on my bed at least
  • set up a work desk area by getting rid of my old desk or at least fixing it
  • put up that framed junk in my room
  • catalog my books
  • organize bookmarks
  • figure out how to elegantly and effectively use an rss reader or just how to consolidate/absorb all my informational sources
  • figure out the reebok tron shoes situation
  • something about my dad maybe
  • watch flight of the conchords
  • not watch ratatouille, yet
  • sonic living @ bottom of the hill?
jun 28 2007 ∞
jun 28 2007 +