Hot when a girl:

  • has a lip piercing
  • has darker hair
  • talks or sings with a little raspy-ness in her voice
  • is confident but not cocky
  • makes a bold yet perfectly executed move x]
  • can be sexy on a skateboard
  • smiles and makes the best kind of eye contact
  • can look good in either gender's clothing
  • kisses slowly..or does anything with her tongue slowly xP
  • looks peaceful while she's asleep
  • touches me softly...anywhere lol
  • is upset but it only makes her more attractive lol
  • is naturally gorgeous

Cute when a girl:

  • loves cuddling with me
  • has a little nose :P
  • likes my name
  • puts her head on my shoulder
  • pulls me close to her
apr 11 2011 ∞
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