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i tried to tell you many times but
my words didn't reach you it's weird isn't it
i wish i could just go up to where you are
but my knees laugh at me as if saying 'it serves you right'

if i were alive
there's a song i wrote for you to hear
after all, i was too embarassed and i didn't let you hear
but i want to sing it to you someday

it would be nice, if it reached you someday

lolo follows:
  • rt heavy on: enstars, memes, art
  • not always sfw! ! ! (i like anime girl tiddy)
  • i don't tag stuff! !
  • i show symptoms of bpd, add and social anxiety
  • enjoyment in fiction =/= endorsment in reality k thx bye
  • i ship some incest ships...
  • i like to joke about piss kink
jan 16 2019 ∞
jan 22 2019 +