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la naissance de vénus

small eyes and cheeks like wine, clove and cinnamon skin, jasmine perfume on neck and temples, silk ribbon tied loosely in hair, floral dresses, chamomile tea and music boxes filled with jewellery and reading poems from long ago. like the flowers in spring she is affectionate, creativite, altruistic and idealistic. a world view that inspires compassion, kindness and beauty.

  • amanda celeste. bahia, brazil. october 10th. libra & infp-t.

the things i hold dearest to my heart are my two cats chanel & benjamin, green tea and sometimes milk tea, cakes and macarons, broadway musicals — hamilton and anastasia are my faves, paiting and cooking, classic movies from the 1950s. “the great gatsby” is my fave book and 1920s paris is my dream. i love bossa nova and tropicália. gil & caetano and brazilian culture, im so...

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