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i'm full of poetry now. rot and poetry. rotten poetry. (ernest hemingway)

roses & thyme follows:
  • barbarian » archetypal warrior who uses brute strength and raw fury in combat
  • bard » artistic talents to induce magical effects (pied piper of hamelin)
  • cleric/priest/bishop » healer, usually a priest or holy warrior, originally modeled on or inspired by the military orders; religious order
  • druid » magical priest of nature
  • fighter » skilled & well-rounded; knowledge of armor and weaponry; hard to learn magic
  • monk » martial arts skills and unarmored, unarmed combat
  • paladin/templar/crusader » "holy warrior;" warrior (chivalric knights) + cleric (historical paladins: foremost warriors of charlemange's court; twelve; from carolingian cycle)
  • ranger » hunter and skilled woodsmen that often live reclusive life as hermits
  • rogue » thieves; stealthy & dexterous
  • sorcerer » weak melee, master of arcane arts (innate)
  • warlock » receive powers through the influence of an unearthly being or fey, either born with or received with in fell pact; invocations
  • wizard/mage » weak melee, master of arcane arts (acquired/experience)
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