• ☆ forever 21 - a given; it's close to my house, has frequent sales, and has cute essential pieces. (try shopping in the men's section for more variety !!)
  • ☆ american apparel - i admit that it's expensive, but the clothes are american-made and sweatshop free !! a great place for basics; i only shop sales there though,,,
  • punimelt - more adorable t-shirts, i saw their booth at anime expo ^^
  • sarlisarts - support small businesses guys!! i've wanted to buy from here for a long time...
  • ☆ omocat - i love omocat's designs (anime/gore/glitch), but the sweaters/shirts here average $50... the quality is really nice and the sweaters are unbelievably soft~; i have 2 sweaters and 2 shirts from this brand(1 secondhand, 1 gifted) But i recommend buying omocat stuff secondhand for sure!!
  • wenxwen - modern aesthetic tees/hats/stickers/buttons !! again, support small businesses ! wen has one of my favorite blogs of all time, and i've had my eye on some of the his shirts for awhile :^)
oct 1 2016 ∞
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