• Make my trip. (my trip will consist a circuit with only my desire to travel and a map of the world, it will start in Europe from Spain to India by the south, ending in New Zealand visiting Korea, Japan and Australia.
  • Smell the breeze of Scotland.
  • Kiss a girl.
  • Become a biologist.
  • Eat jambalaya(the original).
  • Be witness of how Justin Bieber falls in a decadence spiral.
  • Put a padlock in at least 13 bridges.
  • Run completely naked in a local race in a very cold place.
  • Be a go-go for a day.
  • Do my honeymoon in a journey across USA in Harley Davidson.
  • Meet something famous and show him/her a truth. I'm better than you, so f*** u.
  • Dance and sing like Lady Gaga in a funera...
jan 20 2011 ∞
jan 20 2011 +