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  • my name is atlas/saturn
  • eighteen (10/15)
  • no specific gender
  • queer
  • half filipino
  • colorscope
  • neutral good
  • inxj
  • fun fact: I don't have a favorite color
  • these are my interests

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apr 20 2017 ∞
nov 30 2017 +

I’m not fictionkin. I just find these characters super relatable, and I can't unsee them as me.

  • hotaru tomoe (sailor moon)
  • kenma kozume (haikyuu!!)
  • aya drevis (mad father)
  • shoto todoroki (my hero academia)

additional, unimportant IDs are in the ongoing tab.

jul 27 2016 ∞
nov 30 2017 +

these are characters that I really really love. please don't follow if you identify as them or if you share them. (disregard this if I follow first.)

main hoes

  • tetsurou kuroo aka tootsieroll
  • shouyou hinata aka peach prince
  • rin hoshizora aka pumpkin princess
  • chihiro fujisaki aka angel

chihiro fujisaki bot → @chihiro_b0t

side hoes

  • keiji akaashi (haikyuu!!)
  • koutarou bokuto (haikyuu!!)
  • fisheye (sailor moon)
  • basically anybody on this list that has things around their name lol
jul 27 2016 ∞
nov 30 2017 +


  • if you try to talk to me, don’t be discouraged if I don’t respond right away. it’s nothing personal. I just have trouble talking to people.
  • I don't list any of my mental or physical illnesses, but I do joke and tweet about them from time to time.
  • I usually go by any pronouns, but I might have some listed in my twitter bio. please only refer to me with those while they're in my bio.

don’t follow me if:

  • you’re transphobic, homophobic, racist, sexist, ableist, etc.
  • you or somebody you're close with is kin with one of my main IDs or CCs
  • you ship anything pedophilic or incestuous or abusive
  • you're a fujoshi
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nov 30 2017 +
jul 27 2016 ∞
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