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Rust is an au (game concept: rust) tagalog agency in twittuurrrr.

  • interaction with unknown bodies is forbidden.
  • if we catch you inactive for 3 days you'll be kick. failing to reach 50 tweets 24 hours upon arrival will also lead to unverification.
  • one account per head.
  • please avoid drama and rated things. password is your favorite online game.
  • no facechasing and bashing. be respectful to everyone.
  • hiatus maximum 1 week, no semi hiatus.
  • interaction with other members is a must, dm's are not included.
  • dating is allowed only after 3 days of verification. move in couples are included.
  • cc and tcc, locked.
  • please avoid triggering posts. if unvoidable, please put warnings. be mindful of other people.
dec 3 2019 ∞
dec 3 2019 +