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hi i'm shii & i would die for ryuseitai

  • 23, she/her, socal, enfj/cancer (im emotional) ("loud but not annoying"(
  • hello MTV welcome to my crib this is mainly enstars but i tweet about other idols, seasonal anime, granblue fantasy, p5as well as my personal life
  • very retweet/tweet heavy. i'm on mobile and come online when i'm bored at work (which happens a lot)
  • ryuseitai is my favorite unit, chiaki is my best boy, and chiakana is the ship that saved my life
  • another thing is that i write fic (slowly) and i am constantly complaining about it i'm so sorry
  • that's it if you wanna be friends feel free to @ me at any time i never shut up about my favs
  • (check the ongoing folder for comprehensive ship list + other byf info if you wann...
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