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im gay nd sad
i would drink pee for 0 dollers

  • my internet name is Hyang, my real name is Raphael. feel free to call me whatever
  • im 19 and my birthday is on april 23rd
  • i use they/them pronouns
  • im white
  • im autistic and like doing cool things such as crying about it
  • im a masochist so please be mean to me
  • im pansexual and whateverromantic
  • my priv is kinda a secret but u can ask to follow there if we're mutuals. if youre seeing this link on a locked account then that is my priv. hello
  • i write fics sometimes! my ao3 is
  • i love hau
  • uh idk what else i forget everything about myself
nov 30 2016 ∞
feb 1 2019 +