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  • Get your expectations firmly in check.
  • Find your own personal “give-a-fuck” factor.
  • Draw the map for the journey ahead.
  • Become wild west scrivening inkslinger, “Quick-Note McGoat.”
  • Know thy characters.
  • Build an (incomplete) world.
  • Test drive those imaginary motherfuckers.
  • Dig up all the glittery conflict diamonds.
  • Identify the major rules.
  • Find your way into the tale.
  • Also: Identify the Great Egress.
  • Learn all the appropriate things.
  • Suss out the fiddly bits.
  • The 13-Second Closing-Window-Of-Opportunity Pitch
  • Hell, write the whole goddamn query.
  • Know your word processor intimately.
  • Establish a daily schedule.
  • Build a timetable.
  • Ensure that life accommodates the book.
  • Have a publication path in mind.
  • Clean your shitty desk, you filthmonger.
  • The Backup Plan
  • Set it and forget it.
  • Commit, motherfucker.
  • Stop doing all this other stuff and write already.
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