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  • Go through the lists and pick out all the virtues and vices that, at a glance, apply to your character. It is suggested that you copy the list over to Word or a Google Doc and delete any that don’t make sense with your character. Once you have the final list of all attributes that apply to your character, come back for the rest of the steps.
  • Choose, for now, one peak virtue or vice to basically overwhelm all other aspects of the character. This will be the autopilot of your character and will help create drive. This peak virtue or vice is the way your character will handle all basic situations. Try not to pick one of the Seven Deadly Sins (definitely villainous) or the Seven High Virtues (definitely heroic), since those make up the Fourteen Major Attributes and could complicate things significantly for your character.
  • Now, add four more attributes, two vices and two virtues. These second-tier attributes will help determine how your character will react in more complicated interactions and create variety in their behavior. Just as hint: try to choose attributes that are not synonyms. For instance, if your character is both cranky and moody, choose the one that most applies to your character, otherwise your attributes will be redundant and therefore less useful.
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