• i'm considered a proshipper. please don’t engage if you are uncomfy with ships and shippy stuff because i do that a lot
  • anti-shipper and fanpol who is a pro-harasser dni
  • i'm not spoiler free
  • dni if u support israel/zionist or didnt find anything wrong with what israel has been doing for YEARS
  • dni if you don't like what i like (lol)
  • dni if you don’t respect fan-writers/fan-artist/fan-translator/or any from-fan-for-fan creators.
  • i share nsfw stuffs. proceed on your own accord
  • dni if you are racist and lgbtqia+phobic
  • also dni if you hate shoujo manga with all your being. you're just being pathetic at this point.
  • i don't do yume/yn stuffs (but feel free to do that in your own space!)
  • i will shit on you if you support nft & ai-imaging (especially art thief!!!! you mother fucker!)
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