• just an account to advertise my fics, share scraps of other writing.
  • if you want my personal account you have to dm and ask, it's private.
  • in saying that this account is more for tweeting than interactions now so don't expect to make mutuals on here, again, just ask for the private.
  • cc is also saltysugi and it's permanently got anon disabled as the only way to guarantee people who like to lie and attack me will leave me alone. those types are always cowards y'know.
  • i'm not a drama person leave me alone if you only look at my account because of certain people.
  • finishing back on point this is a writing account, i like writing, that's it. don't be annoying i block actively rather than engaging. always careful about tagging appropriately.
  • nsfw is exclusively talked about and shared on my nsfw acc madayuzu, anyone 18+ is welcome just beware it doubles as a vent.
  • i'll repeat this anyway; softblock to break mutuals, hardblock to break friendships on my accounts.
dec 3 2019 ∞
dec 3 2019 +