Spaced repetition

  • Software: Anki

Works for vocabulary acquisition and memorization of idioms, fixed grammatical structures and sample sentences.

During class

  • Keep a separate journal/scheduler for each language (a thin, small, plain notebook works beautifully). Each class, write vocabulary on the left page, note down important notions on the right one. Leave a small separate space at the bottom of the page to write down homework assignments. Use a tag list at the last page of the notebook if needed, such as here. Use last pages for special sections you may need such as average calculation or important data (teacher e-mail, whatever). If you need even more structure look into methods such as the bullet journal. This notebook doesn't have to look neat because the nature of the information in...
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  • tidy up after yourself
  • use the Internet in a more effective, less time-consuming way
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online dictionaries

  • (my favourite one, allows creating personalized lists for kanji and vocabulary practice)

kanji learning

  • (third party apps for iOS and Android as well)
  • Kanji Learner's Dictionary
  • Remember the Kanji I and II


learning methods (paid)

  • lingualift
  • textfugu


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  • Aspekte C1
  • Erkundungen C2

Online dictionaries:

Hearing comprehension: Deutsche Welle ftw

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