• from 22nd august to 22nd september
  • is ruled by the planet mercury
  • is aligned with the element earth
  • virgo is associated with purity and hard work
  • they tend to be perfectionists. they expect the best from themselves and everyone they deal with. this can lead to them being very picky and critical but also causes them to be very reliable
  • virgos are intelligent and hard working and have a strong sense of responsibility and honor
  • born with a fantastic memory they forget nothing unless they decide to have selective memory loss
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mar 30 2019 +
  • (drag queen) violet chachki
  • (fictional character) vampira
    • portaited by maila nurmi
  • (fictional character) elvira, mistress of the dark
    • portaited by cassandra petternson
  • (fictional character) prue halliwell
    • from charmed (1998)
    • portaited by shannen doherty
  • (fictional character) morticia adams
    • from the addams family (1991)
    • portaited by anjelica huston
  • (singer) taylor momsen
  • (fictional character) evil queen
    • from show white and the seven dwarfs (1931)
  • (fictional character) elaine
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