• i try to keep content 16+..i will not draw/rt/like super explicit nsfw work. however i might draw suggestive things from time to time, so if u don't like that pls don't follow
  • i check everyone who follows me! i love making mutuals!!
  • i tend to rt a lot in short bursts
  • i don't like a lot of textposts (i don't want to annoy anyone ;;) i do read all of them though
    • i tend to like the first post of a thread to indicate i like the entire thread tho
  • i swear A LOT...
  • if you want to see my art only please just follow my tumblr...
  • FUB free
    • mutuals can break whenever, you dont have to softblock but if it makes you more comfortable feel free to do so^^
    • if i follow you i will assume it is ok to interact with you! if not, just sb me
  • If I ever rt/rb from someone who creates problematic content, please let me know! I don't always check OPs content sometimes but I will make a bigger effort to do so!
  • please do not tag my art of siblings with incest tag ships! i know not everyone necessarily tags it in a romantic way but it is deeply upsetting to me so i prefer if you didn't do it
  • If I make a mistake please point it out privately. I'll definitely learn to do better in the future.

Don't follow if:

  • you support standard don't follow if criteria
  • you followed only for a follow back
  • you repost art without permission
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