hello there, i'm aurelia!

— she/her. 2001. medical student. infj. slytherin. aquarius —

likes : films, music, books, motivational TED talk videos, self-development, art, soothing vlogs on YouTube, harry potter, magic, space, europe, warm tea/coffee on a rainy day

dislikes : reptiles, multitasking, not in control of life, social construct, expectations of a woman in society, inequalities

a girl who still struggles everyday to accept herself and love herself, but is still willing to try. went through a really rough time of depression and still goes through waves of depressive stages here and there (this causes her to have terrible mood swings and become a very sensitive individual). likes to whine, but recognizes that and will start making conscious effort not to. is deeply insecure and not confident in her own skin at all, seems t...

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jan 14 2020 +
  • keep up a bullet journal for one whole year (in effort not to procrastinate so much and study better)
  • drink more water (use plant nanny more)
  • sukses sebagai panitia FKUF SocAct
  • meet my old friends more
  • keep up with my financial notebook (in order to actually save money for the holidays)
  • go on a holiday with friends to bali or singapore
  • successfully maintain a somewhat healthy lifestyle
    • make conscious, healthier choice: write what you eat everyday
  • exercise more (3x a week, 20 mins a day)
  • work on confidence and attack insecurities, stop being so shy
    • be brave to take more selfies & photos of...
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  • in case you're feeling extra sad and need...here
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