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felipe; fezi. i.ii.mmi. a capricorn with moon in aries and rising in sagittarius. istj-t. le fils de saturne.

  • i'm moved by the desire of becoming a better person. my life's completely crazy and full of emotions, they might not be the kind to emotions i'd like to feel at that time, but they keep coming and getting of me what they wanted. i can't live without going out and having new experiences at which one of them, these things bring me life and make me feel alive. music is one of the most important things for me, it represents what i am without knowing me, makes me alive, dead, happy, sad and all emotions at the same time. kpop is a part of me, i love it so much and support everyday. lana e bj√∂rk are my favorites and i love them so much for giving me those amazing feelings and for being there when i need. i'm getting close of being what i've always dreamed about and it feels amazing. i hope to always be changing for the best and never forgetting who i am and let people ruin me. may love run my life and make of me a better felipe everyday.
jul 17 2016 ∞
jul 3 2017 +