✥ nielwink

  • a beneficial exchange +18 (sugar daddy au/pwp)jihoon only needs daniel for one thing, but daniel seems to want other things from him. well, it's a good thing jihoon is willing to agree if the other continues to pay for his college bills.
  • from soloq to duoq(online friends to lovers)The user bboyflac wants to add you to their list and see your presence online. [Accept] Kang Daniel wants to add you to his heart and feel your love in his (real) life. [?]
  • indulge+18 (host club au/pwp)There’s groups of people congregated in various sections of the room, some engaged in drinking games and starting champagne towers, others singing to karaoke loudly as their companions join them with dancing and tambourines. Daniel finally spots Jihoon sitting alone in his designated corner: the muted pink color of his suit marking his location in a sea of monochrome and gold.
  • Maybe +18 (pwp/first times)Jihoon figured asking his hyung about it was better than asking google.
  • Hit The Showers +18 (porn with plot)Here's the cheesy unrealistic locker room fic no one asked for.
  • Your Lies (fluffy)Daniel kept lying, and even though Jihoon didn’t mind—he preferred the truth.
  • metronome heart (fluffy)“Daniel-oppa.” He blinks when the girl tilts her head at him, eyes twinkling mischievously. “I don’t think Jihoon-ah is the source of your laughter.” There is a pause. Daniel tilts his head, curious. “I think,” she breaks into a broad smile. “He’s the source of your happiness instead.”

✥ nielwoon

  • of accidental confessions (you are the best gift) +18 (first times/pwp)but alas, his plan is broken into pieces when daniel marches into the kitchen with his trademark grin, and oh shit, all sungwoon can think about is just how really fucking in love he is with him. “you- what?”
  • It's a Love Story (Baby Just Say Yes) ❤❤❤ (fake dating kinda/college au/slow burn)A story of love, friendship and how Sungwoon's love life gets fucked because Kim Chungha gets herself a boyfriend
  • this is the spoiler to my heart(college au)Sungwoon accidentally sends a compromising picture to everyone except the one guy it was intended for. This is a problem.
  • Trick or Treat +18 (college au/pwp)There’s tons of candy to choose from on Halloween but Sungwoon sticks to his favorite lollipop.
  • affinity (flowerwall) ❤❤❤ (college au/fake dating/demiace sungwoon)when sungwoon thinks about the future, he sees himself, standing alone in an ocean of thoughts too complex and bizarre to be shared with anyone else.
  • If you feel the same as I do right now (tell me) (mild hurt/comfort)It was just Kang Daniel and Ha Sungwoon, two desperate souls stuck in a random dark narrow alley in some district they have never came across before. One with a freshly wounded heart. And one whose heart barely took any shape, for it constantly got taken to fix the other's wounded one.
  • A Primer for the Small Weird Loves+18 (canon compliant/friends with benefits)Sungwoon is used to hooking up with people in the industry; a mutual understanding between the two parties based on unspoken rules and limits, but none of those people are Daniel and he eventually realises that none of them will get to Sungwoon like Daniel does.
  • Ha Sungwoon and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day (college au)Sungwoon somehow manages to make a fool out of himself in front of the whole school, airs out petty grudges over a welcome plaque and gets a confession from Kang Daniel all in one terrible horrible no good very bad day.
  • Kang Daniel's Adventures in Love (college au)Kang Daniel falls in love on a Monday, right in the middle of the library, with a boy whose first conversation to him was about toilet rolls and discounted soju. Everything kind of goes downhill from there. Daniel's POV for 'Ha Sungwoon and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day'
  • More Than OK Cupid(fantasy au)Daniel is a disillusioned cupid in need of a vacation and Sungwoon is the loser who accidentally summoned him

✥ nielsung

  • i don't want your body (with somebody else) ❤❤❤ (friends with benefits/slow burn)Jisung, usually, after past experience, prefers to keep his friendships and his sex escapades pretty separate. There are exceptions, but his general rule is that if someone is a good friend of his, he shouldn't fuck them. Daniel is definitely his friend. One of the closest he has, actually. But he can't bring himself not to kiss him, not to fuck him.
  • hey babe, let me awe you +18 (pwp)Daniel discovers that his boyfriend has a piercing -- it's just in a place that he didn't expect.

✥ nielhwan

✥ xiuniel

  • The Start Of Somethin' New (college au)Daniel doesn't know how to properly talk to his crush, so he annoys him during his radio show. Or the "i run the night slot on campus radio and some jackass keeps calling in to insult my music taste and request high school musical songs instead" AU.

✥ onghwan

  • quelle surprise (friends to lovers)so, seongwoo knew that he'd be one of those poor bastards that ended up being forced into kissing one of their friends, hence why he should've been more careful. he wasn't — careful, that is — and he prefered to blame it on the fruity vodka drinks he had been drinking since morning...

✥ hwangcloud

  • hey little heart,+18 (pwp)in which sungwoon grumbles unhappily, and minhyun thinks it's permission to fuck him pliant into the bed(or where sungwoon's eyes are swollen red and minhyun takes him into his arms without any questions because minhyun is an idiot until he needs not be)
  • an unreasonable amount of leg +18 (pwp)sungwoon is used to being manhandled, really – from jisung’s clingy embraces to daniel almost smothering him on accident, from waking up crushed by the two children he shares a room with after a particularly stressful schedule to guanlin wrapping himself around him like a giant koala in need of attention while waiting in line for a shower, he likes to think he has seen it all, suffered through it all when it comes to dealing with taller people unaware of the reach and strength of their own overgrown limbs. yet. (yet, minhyun happens.)
  • in the sky (hidden by clouds) (fluffy/established relationship)In which Minhyun absolutely refuses to let Sungwoon live in peace, and Sungwoon finally decides that he's had enough.

✥ 2park

  • The Veto (aged-up characters)In which Jihoon and Woojin are best friends and disastrous human beings and also stupidly in love with each other.
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