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for keeping track of everything & battling my deteriorating memory bank + poor organizational skills.

marji follows:

for the following days

  • call irs (direct line on notes) on the 26th to ask abt 8802 form
  • Obie
    • clean Obie's litter can
      • & litter box too maybe?
    • cut his nails
    • give him a bath or arrange a bath appt
    • brush the baby
    • wash & clean all his blankets
    • also wash his toys if possible?
  • in general
    • finish cleaning room
    • make an eBay account
      • sell paintings? & Kpop posters maybe
    • comment on all the fics i've read
    • rustle up a list of things to bring/keep in mind for Japan
    • email Tiffani abt the docs due on July 7
    • BUY CLOTHES!!!
      • pants, business clothes, comfy shoes & business shoes, jackets & scarves, gloves...
    • look up/ask for advice on living alone for the first time lmao
    • buy eyebrow pencil, moisturizer (if possible)
jun 21 2017 ∞
jun 22 2017 +