• Very very young: cake with family = cake all over my face.
  • Preschool: Both at the Pony Rides. And my babysitter used to take me to the park, where babysitters would throw parties for their young charges as an excuse to eat cake and sing the Spanish birthday song and chat. Even though I knew none of the other kids, I remember appreciating the cake!
  • Kindergarten: The Creature Teacher! Brought snakes, chinchillas, other fun animals to the park (Side note: Last coed party!)
  • First Grade: Atlantis Park. SOOOO fun! Like a giant playground all ocean-themed.
  • Second Grade: The Kellog House. We drove everyone there in a huge van we rented, and I was annoyed that everyone wanted to listen to Radio Disney when I wanted KRTH 101! The Kellog House is cool too - Victorian living history. We churned butter and played croquet! Also, we had cake in a storeroom because the House messed up the dates and didn't reserve us the gazebo...
  • Third Grade: First slumber party! I checked out lots of books from the library on slumber parties to plan it. We took polaroid pictures of ourselves in dress up clothes and made picture frames. In the morning, we dressed up and acted out Peter Pan.
  • Fourth Grade: Vampire mystery slumber party. We filled a tent with a bazillion black balloons. And had an almost life size vampire pinata.
  • Fifth Grade: Arabian Nights slumber party. Tent in the living room draped in scarves. We hired a belly dancer to give us a lesson...
  • Sixth Grade: It's Great to Be a Girl slumber party. I wrote a quiz that determined what kind of girl you were... Apparently I was unknowingly preparing for a career at American Girl Magazine? Also, we decorated sunglasses!
  • Seventh Grade: Totally Thirteen! All Around the World slumber party. The group was split into half, and each half had a rotation, and each half was split into two teams, and the teams competed in a series of games and activities, and five different countries were represented, and I had to completely change my outfit halfway through the party, and the entire living room had to be rearranged a couple times, and the music had to change with each iteration, and, not gonna lie, I yelled at my guests a few times to PAY ATTENTION AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!!! and my mother swore that I would NEVER HAVE ANOTHER BIRTHDAY PARTY AGAIN.
  • Eighth Grade: Fabulously Fashionista! slumber party. I learned. It was a blast. We had a tent outside with twinkle lights and chic black tables, and then we split up into designers and models and made/wore black, pink, and silver dresses. Tent converted into a runway, and we had our own little photoshoot and competition with guest judges. (Also: my last sleepover.)
  • Ninth Grade: Yoga Party. Tea candle decorating, Asian food, thirty minutes of easy yoga with a DVD, and yoga block decorating. This was one of my best, if I do say so myself.
  • Tenth Grade: Party in Paris. I went a little crazy... Employed my grandmother, mother's friends, and sister and her friends as wait staff at the last minute... But hey, my house looked like a Parisian bistro, and we had a made-to-order crepe stand (yay dad!), decorated scarves, had individual creme brulee, and watched an old Audrey Hepburn movie set in Paris. And I wore my Nana's vintage dress. It was grand.
  • Eleventh Grade: London Party. We went to Prep Kitchen and cooked and ate delicious food! And we watched Shakespeare in Love! And snacked on British chocolate! The cooking party I'd always dreamed of having...
  • Twelfth Grade: Lunch and a pretty cake at Tangata and the Ito Jakuchu exhibit (and a bit of the Spirits and Headhunters exhibit!) at the Bowers. Sunshine and good food and friends and artwork and the obligatory gift shop stop. Who could want more?

This was long... but I felt like I needed to catalog this for posterity's sake.

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