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Una palermitana a Toronto che ha nostalgia della sua isola e di casa; fragile e sensibile; ingenua e romantica; amante del mare; in cerca di se stessa, del suo posto nel mondo e di scoprirsi donna; voglia di vivere, di amare, di affermarsi; tanti piccoli sogni da realizzare.

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  • Pillow fight
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Dinner cruise
  • See beehives
  • See honey extraction
  • Weekend in Niagara on The Lake
  • Winery tour
  • Caves with running waterfalls in front of them
    • Niagara Falls [?]
  • Tivoli Garden waterfall
  • Go on a yacht in Capri
  • Find the 7 Geni of Palermo
  • Rock on a hammock
  • Give blood
  • See the Camera dello scirocco in Palermo
  • visitare una tenda berbera
  • be impulsive
  • ride a tandem bike
  • manifestare il 23 maggio sotto l'albero Falcone
  • breakfast at Tiffany's :)
  • go to prom
  • see a movie at a drive-in
  • see the stars from a rooftop
  • catch a firefly
  • light a paper lantern and see it fly up in the sky
  • give free hugs
  • see a lighthouse
  • get to Billy Bishop airport
  • Have a 24 hour date
  • CityPlace Canoe
  • see a castle
    • Casa Loma
  • Hot springs in Calgary
  • Shopping in Grove City Pensylvannia
  • see a baobab tree
  • go bungee jumping
  • German sparkle party
  • visit the Museum of Broken Relationships
  • climbing a tree
  • sit through a car wash
  • wash a car
  • vedere una vera Miss Italia (che sembrano principesse)
  • go on an Easter egg hunt
  • go to a pumpkin patch
  • pick a real Christmas tree at a tree lot
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