• Mapcrunch
    • EXO has to find the airport (;crack)
  • Zodiac
    • "The Oracle has seen the twelve united. War is coming to the Nations. We must prepare for battle." (;multi-chaptered)
  • Murder,they wrote
    • EXO's team-building exercise; starring a helpless detective, his side-kicks, and their mission to destroy the formidable forces of evil. (;crack)
  • 48 Hours
    • "after 48 hours, only one boy will be alive in this house" (;horror)
  • Minseok & his chinese adventures
    • 700w; exo band fic
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  • Cheat
    • luhan hates routine and in order to break the monotony of routine he ends up betraying the person he loves most.
  • Years gone by >(seq)to cheat<
    • four years later luhan wants to go back to college to try and piece his life back together, but life isn't always so easy to fix.
  • Cooking cooking
    • The evolution of Chef Sehun. In which Lu Han has to deal with moody chefs, no one can catch a break in the kitchen or out, and EXO is a four star restaurant.
  • Delirium
    • Even the best dream ends by the time a new morning arrives, but waking up and lett...
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  • Tunnel Vision
    • Baekhyun knows that friendship is all Jongin can give him. And so he spares himself the disappointment and heartache and never asks for anything more.
  • Illuminated Hearts
    • This is the story about how the boy who lived in darkness and the boy who guards the light fell in love.
  • Without warning, we lose our vastness
    • It takes years to squash a bleeding heart. AU.
  • Tell them
    • Time goes on in slow motion for the broken-hearted, each drag of the second hand splitting cracks on already broken pavements, tearing holes in already fallen skies...
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