• all an act - mature ; 12k {actors!sekai, rivals au, smut, top!jongin & bottom!sehun}
    • For a number of weeks, it has been speculated that long-standing rivals Kim Jongin and Oh Sehun will be appearing in a movie set to release early 2018, taking on the lead roles as a young homosexual couple in what is expected to be the best coming of age romance of the year. Neither Kim nor Oh has released an official statement regarding the rumor so do take this with a grain of salt.
  • after practice routine - explicit ; {smut, rimming, top!jongin & bottom!sehun}
    • jongin can’t wait until they get back to the dorm
  • And Their Sins Are - explicit ; 1.4k {altar boys!sekai, church sex, top!jongin & bottom!sehun}
dec 7 2017 ∞
jan 8 2018 +