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  • she/her
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  • very messy rn! observe as i fixate on very specific lists and memory dumping for a few days :)
  • yeah lol this site is Cute In Concept but for me it’s like when you get a proper quality sketchbook, like a moleskine or smth, but no matter what your best (sometimes your Only) drawings are on the shitty scrap paper floating around. like it’s giving me ‘people who bullet journal’ energies. as in can i actually organise Thoughts and small things on here, is it Useful or Cathartic, or is for people who have the time of day and put-together energy to aestheticise their . memo notes or whatever. and i ask myself the same of bullet journal ppl because are the people making pretty pages of things to do i...
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  • “i am alive, and drunk on sunlight.” - a storm of swords; g.r.r. martin
  • "he chooses the memory of her. that's why he turns. he doesn't make the lover's choice, but the poet's." - portrait of a lady on fire
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  • paris ‘19
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  • annihilation ★
  • stages of rot ★
  • paradise rot


  • my year of rest and relaxation
  • her body and other parties
  • the vegetarian
  • hour of the star

ice & girlhood & Gender

  • split tooth ★
  • the ice palace
  • the left hand of darkness


  • a song of ice and fire
  • his dark materials
  • hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world
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repetitions are very much intentional. i like 2 have fun!


  • in the suburbs (clueless; the florida project; lady bird; eighth grade)
  • in the city (skate kitchen; pariah; whisper of the heart; madeline's madeline; daisies)
  • in between everything (moonrise kingdom; american honey; persepolis)
  • in another world (spirited away; pan's labyrinth)
  • in sisterhood (mustang; little women; pride and prejudice)
  • in blood (heavenly creatures; princess mononoke; the witch)

roadsides and endless plains and skies, and country boys

  • mad max: fury road; american honey; my own private idaho; lean on pete; boy; god's...
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