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A fic rec for all Jin x (ship) cravings. Most if not all will be bottom!Jin X member as it is based on my preference. Please keep in mind the tags for each fic.

mature (will contain explicit content)
smut (will contain sexual activities)
non-con (will have trigger warning content for readers)
idol au (usually for this it's canon compliant)


jin fic rec follows:
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  • Geurae WOLF Naega WOLF (awoo~) (abo verse, mature, non-con, angst)
    • Jungkook really doesn’t want to be here. Not when he is supposed to be helping his father with the pack and training to be the strongest Alpha ever.
  • you've been flirting again (mature, au)
    • Jeongguk has never wanted anyone this badly.
  • East of the Sun (mature, abo verse)
    • Seokjin presented as an omega at eighteen years old. The first time he brought an alpha home for a heat, Jeongguk punched a hole in the wall. He was thirteen. But that was not where their story began. The truth was this: Jeongguk had always loved Seokjin.
  • Best of Me (cont. of East of the Sun, mature, abo verse)
    • “Hyung,” he said, carding a hand up through Seokjin’s hair—black again, now—and leaning his own head in briefly. “Relax. This is supposed to be fun.”
  • Truth or Dare (mature, au)
    • Kim Seokjin doesn’t know how he ended up sitting on a floor at a party, playing truth or dare with a bunch of rowdy young people. However, what he did know was that he was not going to lose. Especially not to that smug bastard Jeon Jungkook.
  • soulmates are the best medicine (soulmates au, fluff)
    • Ever since Jungkook could remember he felt and shared pain with his soulmate and he's getting tired.
  • Anonymous Sweetness (fluff, au)
    • Seokjin goes to an all boy's school, but that doesn't stop him from getting tons of Valentine's Day gifts in his locker every year. He tries to bear it gracefully, but it's challenging when the person he wants a Valentine from the most doesn't know...
  • Jungkook's (STOLEN) flying hand kisses (isac)
    • Jungkook’s audacity is going to get him killed one day. And that day is today. By Yoongi. Yoongi is going to kill Jeon Jungkook. Hell, Namjoon will probably help bury the menace.
  • of ginger, strawberries and Serratia marcescens (college au)
    • In which jeon jungkook passionately insists that he is straight but ends up with a boyfriend.
  • everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but you two (college au)
    • in which everyone thinks Seokjin and Jungkook are dating, except Seokjin and Jungkook.
  • hey, neighbor (smut, age play)
    • Jungkook and Seokjin are 15 years apart.
  • baseball metaphors (college au)
    • Jimin rolled his eyes. “If you keep making heart eyes at Seokjin during practice you’re gonna take a line drive to the face and no one will help you.”
  • think we should run (neighbors au)
    • It seemed like every time he jogged, Jungkook would dry his face off on his shirt, providing glimpses of smooth skin and abs. It was an accident, just a way to stay dry. Jungkook just happened to do it outside Seokjin’s apartment.
  • To Be Happy (idol au)
    • In which Jungkook is in love, Seokjin is Oblivious, and the members are despairing but helpful.
  • of grave importance (humor)
    • seokjin reluctantly finds himself in a haunted house, and jeongguk just might manage to scare up a date.
  • Baking Dreams (bakery au)
    • Seokjin quits being a patissier to deal with his family's doomed bakery. It seems like a hopeless cause, but can the appearance of baker prodigy Jeon Jeongguk help Seokjin save the family bakery?
  • Leave (non-con, angst, mature)
    • Jungkook decides that Seokjin needs to leave if they have any hope of fixing their relationship.
  • Right Place, Right Time (secret agents au)
    • Seokjin hadn't expected to stumble across an abduction and get taken himself- and he certainly hadn't expected the person he had been trying to help to be a secret agent.
  • Alone Together (side taejin, mature, supernatural elements)
    • Seokjin is cursed to spend his days alone, confined to a cabin in the woods.
  • reaching outwards (mature, angst, religious conflict)
    • Jeongguk's a 'miracle boy' to everybody who knows him, but only he seems to believe it's because of supernatural interference.
  • gargoyle song (demon au, humor)
    • jeongguk runs a ghost hunting business under the guise of a plumbing business but finds himself pretending to be a plumber just to be around his first love seokjin.
  • Young sweethearts (mature, abo verse)
    • Jin is a mate of the packs leader, which was every Omegas dream. He and his mate however have a five year age gap between them, and the gap has never seemed bigger when they are moving forward in their relationship.
  • Mates Are Made For Each Other (mature, angst, abo verse)
    • This is a story of how Jeon Jungkook chased after his special Omega - Kim Seokjin.
  • Nothing to hide in the light (college au, jealous!JK)
    • Jungkook pines in every possible weather condition involving water ft. Taehyung’s letter to Jimin, Crystal Snow, the overuse of semicolons and a flat roof.
  • It's Alright (college au, comfort)
    • Valentine's Day was the bane of Kim Seokjin's existence.
  • Hush or They Will Hear Us (abo verse)
    • Omegas were supposed to stay at home and be submissive. Seokjin defied that and Jungkook questioned him.
  • the window by your plum tree (mature, humor, wedding au)
    • Jungkook's grown up pretty well…very well and Seokjin did not ask for this.
  • Words Unspoken (abo verse, slight angst)
    • Seokjin hates alphas. The omega in him loves them though.
  • us against the world (humor)
    • aka the fic where everyone hits on seokjin even though he's dating jungkook
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